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Fitness Marketing

AutoPilot Fitness Marketing includes three of the most powerful, 100% essential, do or die strategies for your online marketing. We also provide a 4th system for creating and publishing professional web video and article content for you on demand. We are relentlessly focused on fully automating and having our professional team do everything listed below for your business.

We are providing you with a guaranteed Done For You fitness marketing system

  • Generating new leads and converting them to clients with active monthly billing
  • Retaining existing clients long term and reducing the loss of cash paying accounts
  • Up-selling existing clients to maximize sales (per client)
  • Re-activating infrequent or inactive clients and bringing them back
  • Amplifying and accelerating your word of mouth and social media buzz
  • Everything Done For You on full AutoPilot with our professional team
  • Reducing the cost of acquisition of new clients (increasing ROI)

How it Works


When you start your business on AutoPilot, you get:

Autopilot Email Marketing
Autopilot Social Media Marketing
Autopilot Search Engine Marketing
Autopilot Reputation Marketing

1. Autopilot Email Marketing 

Your existing clients and new leads get professional, attention getting, convincing emails on an automated schedule. Keep your clients happy and up-sell them with more packages, upgrades, add ons, and new service options.

Turn your leads into brand new clients. AutoPilot has fully pre-written, top level content that is psychologically engineered to retain clients, convert your leads, and increase sales, all fully automated.

It includes email blasts, auto responders, a customized newsletter, surveys, refer a friend program, and 100+ customized email marketing items, including your own e-Book. It is an absolutely vital component to your fitness marketing strategy. With us, it’s on AutoPilot, Done For You.

2. Autopilot Social Media Marketing 

Word of mouth is still the most powerful form of marketing. With AutoPilot you leverage social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and custom blogging to target and acquire hundreds of new client leads – all for FREE. You also encourage and incentivize your friends and fans to share, spread, and multiply your marketing campaigns even further!

Setting up social network sites and staying active daily is hugely time consuming. With us, it’s on AutoPilot, Done For You. We make sure content is constantly flowing into your customized social network accounts to keep farming your friends, fans, leads, and soon-to-be paying clients.

What do we do with your new leads? We automatically channel them into your AutoPilot Email Marketing system, taking them from lead to cash paying client.

3. Autopilot Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the most cost effective way to generate new client leads (when done right). Rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines can bring a flood of targeted local and national sales prospects directly to you.

When these search engine visitors arrive, AutoPilot uses marketing strategies to capture them into your database as customer prospects, and into your social networks as friends, fans, and contacts. We then continue to market to them with our AutoPilot Email Marketing system.

Getting targeted traffic from Google boosts your business. Getting favorable local search engine positioning can explode your business! We optimize with the most effective strategy possible – creating and publishing new content and establishing links to you, improving your success at gaining local search traffic, and ensuring your site contains the right keywords to bring in the targeted leads you want.

Doing this on your own or with the help of an “SEO” consultant is often a no-win and expensive approach. With us, it’s on AutoPilot, Done For You.

4. Autopilot Reputation Marketing

The reputation marketing has become a pivotal technique for business marketing and promotion. In this socially connected world a company’s online reputation is one of the most powerful forces affecting customer decisions. Businesses large and small have become aware that the status of their online reputation can mean the difference between their success and failure as a company.

As a recent study by Neilsen in 2012 states that 70% of all consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. Although most business owners recognize the benefits of an online review and see it as the modern equivalent of a referral, many business owners fail to realize the significant impact that a negative review can have on their business. Similarly many business owners are unaware of the negative impact that having an insufficient number of reviews can have on their business reputation and online search engine ranking.

Search engines now calculate reviews into their search results affecting how customers find your company. To get a high review score search engines like Google require that you have at least 6-10 positive reviews on MULTIPLE sites. That is right. You need 6-10 “Positive” Reviews! The best SEO efforts and the sleekest website cannot overcome negative reviews or no reviews at all. This is why we offer Reputation Marketing services that help your search engine ranking and assist you with acquiring new clients!